Central Columbia School District

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Academic Focus Profiles
Central Columbia School District has developed student iPad Academic Focus Profiles, which are active between 2:45 PM and 7:00 AM. The Academic Focus Profiles are designed to help parents and guardians limit what their children can access on their student iPad via the Internet, from home. All academic access will function normally. Parents have three Academic Focus Profiles that can be selected by submitting the web form on this page.
'Academic Focus - Level One’ and 'Academic Focus - Level Two’ can be activated and deactivated on request. Academic Focus Profile - Level Three, needs to be coordinated with the Building Principal. 

Academic Focus Profile, Level One - Submit Web Form -
This profile removes social media access from the student iPad. Social media apps could already be installed on the iPad, but they will not be able to connect to the social media sites (Facebook and others). Photo sharing sites (Instagram and others), Forums (questionable themes) and Facebook messaging will be blocked.

Academic Focus Profile, Level Two - Submit Web Form - 
In addition to level 1, non-educational streaming video access is removed. Entertainment sites like Netflix, Hulu and Vimeo will not connect. Other video streaming sites like YouTube will not function.

Academic Focus Profile, Level Three - Submit Web Form - 
Parent/Guardians need to coordinate this level directly with the building Principal via email or telephone. Human intervention is needed to monitor and enforce the level. In addition to level 1 and level 2 above, FaceTime is turned off. Photo streaming, iPad Camera and Apple App Store access is removed. Installed games that need Internet access will not function. Apps of games that do not need internet access will still function. These games or apps can be deleted manually from the iPad. All Public Web Email access is blocked 24/7. The student can only send and receive email from Central Columbia teachers and staff. 

This service is provided to all Central Columbia School District Parents and Guardians. It is not intended to replace the parents involvement and monitoring of their child’s Internet access. We offer it as a tool that can be used to help your child focus on their academic assignments  If you have any questions, please email Mr. John Monick, Director of Technology, Central Columbia School District at jmonick@ccsd.cc.