Central Columbia School District

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The Community Wellness and Athletic Center is open. Click on the link below to access hours of operation and the calendar of events and public availability. 

The Central Columbia Educational Foundation reminds you that the wellness and athletic center is open for community wellness activities. The track is open weekdays from dawn until dusk and weekends from 7:00AM to 5:00PM for your use. Those organizations interested in using the field should contact the school district office at 570-784-2850 extension 4000. A calendar with “open” times can be found at the link below.

The establishment of a wellness and athletic center that will meet the needs of our entire CCSD community and beyond. Our plan will result in healthier lifestyles for all, school pride, and increased partnerships.

The GOAL - Building Healthy Communities
Commitment to community health. As a community, our need for healthy lifestyles and disease prevention initiatives continue to grow.

Commitment to community health will require partnerships, innovation, and new facilities.

Have a positive influence on the intellectual, emotional, moral, physical and social development of ALL individuals.

OUR CONTINUED CHALLENGE - Replace Inadequate & Outdated Facilities
The challenge today is there are currently no athletic facilities to support family and senior exercise, community collaborative events and other wellness needs of our community.

To make this project possible, it will take the support of the entire community. Our target is to raise $1,500,000 to make this new center a reality.

Our community, our students and our staff need improved health and wellness opportunities and facilities.

To continue the fight against childhood obesity and help build self-esteem in our children, CCSD commits to a quality health and physical educational curriculum as well as a competitive athletics program for all students.Education dollars and local property taxes are already stretched to the max requiring creative new solutions for funding.